Dillema... buy sweet studded tires for $150, or just take the bus on the days that it's too icy to ride. The bus costs $4 a day to ride so these tires would give me the equivalent of 37 days of bus rides... almost 8 weeks of commuting to work. Most of the time the roads are clear and dry and I really ought to be walking/running more and riding less, but these tires just scream, "BRING ON THE WINTER!!!!"

P.S. to follow up on my other tire story, my tire actually broke apart internally and some of the metal wire reinforcement punctured the tube. 

Nazca lines

I met a Brazilian tonight who reminded me of how awesome the Nazca lines are, and how I need to walk the Inca Trail, apparently its 4 days and 3 nights of amazingness.  She said coca tea was a necessity at 15,000 feet but didn't taste good otherwise.  Oh and I should take a swim in Lake Titicaca

I need to save all my vacation time next year for Winter 2010

Mexican War streets house tour

Went on the annual house tour in the Mexican War Streets neighborhood. I learned that remodeling a house involves a lot of personal preference, takes a lot of time and I'm happy I'm not remodeling one myself, so that I can enjoy things like this:

Peeling paint on brick

Rooftop Hammock

Urban Kayaking

Labor Day weekend is the last weekend of the year that Venture Outdoors does their kayak rentals on the Allegheny River. Kevin brought his kayak, and we portaged it for about 10 blocks from North Commons to the put in by the Clemente bridge. Needless to say, we got quite a few hollers from the people tailgating for the sports game going on that day.

There were lots of boats on the water making lots of waves...

Of course, since we were dragging the kayak around town, we had to take a picture
Renewable energy - it's not just windmills, its you and me!


This security screen on MLK Jr. Elementary school nice doesn't it? Certainly beats metal bars

Flat tire

After  1.75 years and 2700 miles I finally got a flat tire on my bike.  Those Vittoria Radonneur tires are great.  I'm excited to find out what finally punctured it.  I thought they would wear out before I got a flat...

Tapped the Rockies

Just got back from a great (but much too short) trip to Colorado. Just enough time for two hikes, but managed to get a couple of great photos, taken by my companions.

The sky was clear and it was a new moon, so the stars were brilliant. This picture was also made possible by awesome cameras that could do 30 second exposures, and a red bike light.

It's fine to tap the Rockies, just take your garbage with you!  And be careful not to step on the fragile arctic tundra plants!


Here's a Coors beer factoid for you: the premise of the movie "smoky and the bandit" was based on hauling a truckload full of coors beer from texarkana to atlanta because at the time it was illegal to sell coors east of the Mississippi.

My Reciepts!!!

So I was walking home from playing tennis and I had my wallet and water bottle in a plastic back with my racket and the balls. As I was inspecting a stainless steel garbage can and chairs that someone was throwing out, I noticed some water dripping out of the bag. It seemed like too much water to just be from the outside of the bottle. As i peered in, I realized that somehow the top had unscrewed itself and water was sloshing all over everything, including my wallet, which was filled with my receipts! Fortunately, I was able to salvage my receipts, which are currently laying out across my table to dry, so if I need to return my new boots to REI, I still can. Phew!